Giglio Island what to do, the eighth stage: 3 legends for 3 places

It’s the last stage of this journey to visit Giglio Island. For the final leg, we give you a very peculiar itinerary. An itinerary that will allow you to discover places that you’ve already seen. This time, in a sense, you will see them in a different way. Because, in these three places, three ancient legends took place.

  1. Punta di Capel Rosso. Marsilia was just sixteen but enchanted everyone with her beauty and her long bright red hair. One day, the pirates saw Marsilia and decided to kidnap and take her to the sultan. She managed to become the favourite of Suleiman the Magnificent and bore him three children. Marsilia lived a long, respected and revered life. Maybe, the promontory of Capel Rosso (literally, “red hair”) recall the story of Marsilia.
  2. The defensive towers of Giglio Castello. November 18, 1799. The Tunisian assailants reached the bay of Giglio Campese in overwhelming numbers. The island was invaded by a flood of pirates. Giglio Island people fired for more than seven hours from the defensive towers of Giglio Castello. Here the legend begins. According to which, a multitude of soldiers appeared on the walls of Castello and frightened the Tunisian pirates.
  3. The coast of the island. Choose the beach or stretch of coast that you liked the most. While you are watching this real spectacle, think that, long time ago and according to another legend, mermaids swam in that beautiful sea. Singing for the gratitude to have seen a coast that looked like a sort of small paradise.


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