Giglio Island what to do: the first stage is Giglio Porto

What to do during a vacation to Giglio Island? The first stage is Giglio Porto, where ferries to Giglio Island dock. And it’s the starting point to discover the island by foot.

  • Cala del Saraceno. You will bring suitcases to the hotel and you will soon begin to discover the sea of the island. Cala del Saraceno is a small and precious beach. It is located south of the town.
  • Torre del Saraceno. Go back to the port. You see it there, a tower built on a granite cliff in the center of Giglio Porto. It’s the symbol of the whole village.
  • Chiesa dei Santi Lorenzo e Mamiliano. Once you have seen the tower, it’s time to discover another symbolic places of Giglio Porto. Chiesa dei Santi Lorenzo e Mamiliano it’s the most important church of the village.
  • Cala dell’Arenella. First excursion from Giglio Porto and first opportunity to see one of the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island. The path to the beach is about two kilometers long, it takes half an hour by foot. Cala dell’Arenella is a large white sand beach.
  • Cala delle Cannelle. It is located south of Giglio Porto and is closer than cala dell’Arenella.
  • The city wards. According to the tradition, Giglio Porto is divided into 3 city wards: Chiesa, Moletto and Saraceno. Each has its own identity and its colors, especially during the Palio Marinaro.

From Giglio Porto, a path leads up to Giglio Castello (it’s a mule track). But this is another stage of the journey.


Next stage: Giglio Castello


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