Giglio Island: a [VIDEO] to discover this jewel in the Tyrrhenian Sea

How many times did you ask yourselves how is Giglio Island? Because you often heard about it, because you know someone who have already been there, and basically because you’d like to visit it. And you’re thinking about going there for your next holiday. If you’d like to get an idea of the place, there’s a simple way to do it: this video.


The video above (realized by Pablo Bisquera) has a great quality, that is giving a panning shot of different aspects and of the many beauties of Giglio Island. Not only the famous beaches, but also the trails, the inhabited centers, the towers, the Rocca aldobrandesca, the less known places and this is precisely why they are more precious.

Seeing this video will be a pleasant “starter” of your next holiday in Giglio Island. And you’ll surely find some ideas about the itinerary to follow. So, enjoy the movie. And have a great holiday.


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