Typical dishes of Giglio Island: the recipes of tradition

To do a list of typical dishes of Giglio Island is difficult: this destination, such as Tuscany, has a wide variety of culinary tradition. However, here, you can find some advices: in this way you are sure to taste the best dishes during an holiday in Giglio Island.

Pasta with fish – The dishes to taste are three: pasta with “mendole” sauce, pasta with lobster sauce and spaghetti with “patelle” sauce. Giglio is an island and so the fish has an important position in cooking.

Coniglio alla cacciatora – In the cooking of Giglio Island there are also dishes with meat. Do not miss the “coniglio alla cacciatora”, one of the most famous recipes in the island.

Tuna fillets in oil – Generally the tuna fillets in oil are tasted with salad of Giglio (salad with tomatoes, onions and celery).

Pesce in scaveccio (Fried fish) – Fishes are fried in oil. Then to the oil joins vinegar, garlic, salt and rosemary.

Cacciucco – It’s one of the most famous typical dishes of the Island, but also of Tuscany. Cacciucco is a fish soup prepared with surmullet, scorpionfish, octopus, white wine, onion, parsley.

Palamita alla gigliese – It’s one of the fish in the Tyrrhenian Sea: slice of palamita with garlic, onion, lemon, orange, rosmary, celery and bay leaves.

Panficato – maybe, the most famous sweet of the Island. It’s made with jam, fruit, walnuts, figs, flour and orange peel.

These are some of the typical dishes of Giglio Island. To taste them, organize now your trip in this small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea.


Image source: it.wikipedia.org

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