Giglio Island: trip tips for a journey in low season

The Giglio Island is always a great idea of travel: uncontaminated nature and crystal clear sea. Appreciated and appetizing destination, especially in low season. Here are 5 tips to enjoy your journey in one of the most beautiful tourist destinations.


The double face of the island

The Giglio Island has a double soul. If you are undecided about what type of destination to choose, then this land is yours. Already because in the north you will find cozy landscapes, well-stocked beaches and equipped hotel facilities; while in the south you will find a empty countryside and jagged coastlines, wrapped in an intimate silence atmosphere. Those who love the hill, will find it on both sides of the island, along with the rich Mediterranean scrub that characterizes it.


Where stay

The hotels  on Giglio Island are all of the highest level and then you will be able to settle well and at competitive prices, taking full advantage of the low season benefits. However, to live the island’s atmosphere and save, the advice is to rent an apartment, especially if you are traveling in a group or have a pet. In this regard, Giglio Island offers several opportunities to choice.


What see

Do you want to dive yourself into a sea with transparent seabed? Head to the east coast, at Punta del Morto, where you will find an uncontaminated view to leave without words. Do you want to admire the flight of seagulls? Then, don’t miss a stop at Gabbianara or Capel Red, a place away from mass tourism and therefore ideal for those who need genuine relaxation.


How to get

The ideal way to reach the Giglio Island is the ferry. You have to depart from Porto Santo Stefano and will arrive at your destination in about an hour. You can take advantage of numerous daily races, even during low season.


How to move

Unlike other resorts, even rather expansive, where it’s advisable to rent a private vehicle, on the Giglio Island you can easily turn around and visit every corner thanks to an efficient public transport service. In the low season then, it’s certainly another advantage, both economically and practically.


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