Giglio Island trails: the suggestive “via dei cavatori”

Nature is one of the several (and most important) treasures that Giglio Island can offer its visitors. A nature crossed by numerous paths. And there is one, in particular, that will let you discover the geological aspect of the island: it is the so-called “via dei cavatori” (literally, “the path of quarrymen”)

The via dei cavatori begins along the path number 1, the one from Giglio Castello to Giglio Porto. Once you are about halfway between these two localities, you can look back and see the granite rocks, perhaps one of the most distinctive characteristics of Giglio Island.

Just before you arrive in Giglio Porto, there is cava del Foriano. This is a very ancient quarry: it was created by the Romans more than two thousand years ago and, between ups and downs, it was used until the Nineteenth century at least. Near Giglio Porto there is also the small quarry of Scalettino di Porto.

Coming back from Giglio Porto, you arrive at the intersection of Bonsere. Where, observing the textures of granite, you arrive at the quarries of Bonsere and Cannelle. Finally, the via dei cavatori is completed by two more legs:

  • Cala degli Alberi, where there are the remains of what were once the ancient quarries
  • Cala dell’Arenella, where cava del Piccione is, one of the last active quarries on Giglio Island

As you can see, it is a very particular path that, while will let you discover the priceless treasures and geological history of the island, will allow you to admire some of the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island, such as Arenella and cala degli Alberi.


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