Giglio Island trails: the strada delle Pietraie, from Castello to Porto

Giglio Island is the destination of your next holiday, you’d like to put on your hiking boots and explore it. But you are not an experienced hiker, you are looking for a path that is not too demanding and at the same time beautiful. Among the paths of Giglio Island, the strada delle Pietraie (literally “the road of rocks”) is the one right for you.


The trail

The starting point of the so-called strada delle Pietraie is Giglio Castello, a small town located in the heart of Giglio Island. The first part is on a footpath, it’s well maintained and not particularly challenging. The second part is on a paved road that ends in Giglio Porto.

You can walk from Castello to Porto or from Porto to Castello

  • In the first case (from Castello to Porto), the path takes 1 hour
  • In the second case (from Porto to Castello), the path takes 1 and a half hour

During the path, you will pass near the so-called palmenti of Giglio Island: they are old stone buildings that were used by the farmers of the island for the crushing of grapes.


Some recommendations before you go:

  • Never overestimate your physical condition
  • Several paths of Giglio Island aren’t suitable for mountain biking
  • The equipment must be in perfect conditions
  • Take with you a water supply.


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