The trail Castello-Arenella: all the beauty of Giglio Island

In a way, during this trail you will see the best that Giglio Island can offer to all its visitors: an old castle, the barren hills, the lush Mediterranean scrub, and finally the sea. The path from Giglio Castello to Arenella is all this, a good idea for an excursion during your vacation to this island.


The path

The starting point of this path, as several other trails of Giglio Island, is the small town of Giglio Castello, in the heart of the island. From here, take the path no.3 towards north, and then take via del Pentovaldo, which snakes eastwards and arrives in Arenella, one of the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island.

The trail is very varied, it passes from the barren hills to the Mediterranean scrub and then plunges into the sea of the island. The first part of the route is on paved roads, while the Pentovaldo part is quite challenging, so it’s better be prepared.

The trail can be walked both uphill and downhill. In both cases, it takes about one hour and forty minutes. The trail is about two kilometers long.


Some recommendations before you go:

  • Never overestimate your physical condition
  • Several paths of Giglio Island aren’t suitable for mountain biking
  • The equipment must be in perfect conditions
  • Take with you a water supply.


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