The 10 things that you cannot miss during your holidays on Giglio Island

Giglio Island is the destination of your next vacation. And, maybe, you don’t have much time to visit it. So, you want to be sure to see the things not to be missed of this popular tourist destination.

  1. Cala dell’Allume. It is one of the most beautiful coves of Giglio Island. It is at the center of a small bay that can be easily reached from the village of Giglio Campese.
  2. Cala Pozzarelli. Another wonderful place. It is among the less-known and popular but also among the most beautiful coves. It is located not far the sea stack of Giglio Island, near Giglio Campese.
  3. Giglio Castello. It is the locality in the heart of Giglio Island. Immediately recognizable by the presence of the imposing Rocca aldobrandesca (an ancient castle), the atmosphere is unique in its narrow streets.
  4. I palmenti. There is a road that goes down from Giglio Castello to Giglio Campese. Along this road, you can see small stone buildings that were used by the farmers for the crushing of grapes.
  5. Punta di Capel Rosso. It is a spectacular promontory that is in the extreme southern part of Giglio Island. It can be reached via a path from Giglio Castello (it takes about two and half hours).
  6. Il faro degli innamorati. The ancient lighthouse of Vaccarecce, now disused, was the inspiration for the lighthouse that Federico Moccia has described in his book Scusa ma ti chiamo amore. For this novel, it is known as “the lovers’ lighthouse”.
  7. Giannutri. A small island that is only 15 kilometers from Giglio Island. It is uncontaminated and wild.
  8. Cala delle Caldane. One of the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island: white sand and a rocky promontory covered with Mediterranean vegetation.
  9. Secca dei Pignocchi. One of the best dive sites of Giglio Island, even if you are not an experienced divers. It is located in the bay of Giglio Campese.
  10. Mulattiera Porto-Castello. It is a two kilometers long path that will allow you to enjoy the best that Giglio Island has can offer its visitors.

And now that you know what are the things not to be misses, you only have one thing to do: book your ferry to Giglio Island.


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