Giglio Island in summer: 6 ideas for your holiday

  • Published: 4-06-2015
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You have decided: your next vacation to Giglio Island will be in summer. But you do not know where to go, what are beaches and localities, which are the best places for a holiday with children or to practice your favorite sport.

Don’t worry, your holiday on Giglio Island will be perfect. And for you there are 6 good ideas.



Don’t you want to go on vacation in summer without knowing what are the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island? Several beaches are located near the towns of Giglio, so they are easy to reach and with all the services you could wish for. There’s just one little flaw: they are always very crowded in summer.



For you, holiday is synonym for outdoor physical activities. The island of Giglio can satisfy all the sportsmen: here you can go diving, snorkeling, hiking, kite surfing, bouldering. You only need to choose your favorite sport and to know where to go.



No chance, you don’t like crowded beaches. Instead, you dream to lay on small beaches that seem to be there waiting only for you. The island of Giglio is ready to satisfy you once again: cala dell’Allume  and cala Pozzarelli are the most famous coves but not the only. Relaxation is assured.


Holiday with family

You are planning a trip with the whole family. What you need are sandy beaches with all the services, with shallow water and easy to reach. On Giglio Islands, beaches like these are several.


Typical dishes

A vacation is not complete without tasting the typical dishes of the place you are visiting. Among the specialties of the island there are palamita alla gigliese, cacciucco, panficato, coniglio alla cacciatora. Strictly accompanied by Giglio Island wines, such as Ansonaco (white) and the so-called “scelto del Giglio” (red).


Moving around

After a year of work, you want to leave your car at home. You can do that easily: you can visit the beaches and the localities on Giglio Island using the public bus service.


That’s all you need to know to enjoy your holiday on Giglio Island in summer. Now you just have to do one thing: book your ferry trip.


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