Giglio Island: the ancient tradition of square dance

Giglio Island square danceCouples of ladies and gentlemen that huddle round. Music starts, and the traditional square dance of Giglio Island begins. Ladies and gentlemen dance, following the rhythms of the music and the traditional steps.

On Giglio Island, any time is a good time to make a square dance. A dance that always takes place during the most important moments of the year. Such as Spring and Autumn festivals. Such as the very popular patron saint’s festival: San Lorenzo in Giglio Porto, on August 10th; San Rocco in Giglio Campese, on August 16th; San Mamiliano, patron saint of Giglio Island, in Giglio Castello, on September 15th.

Even during Christmas and New Year’s Eve on Giglio Island several square dances take place. During these days the square dance is even more characteristic, since it takes place in the suggestive and special Christmas atmosphere.

All Giglio Island people know the steps of the dance square. And they are willing to teach the steps to visitors who want to learn. A good opportunity to have fun and make new friends. A good opportunity to delve into this ancient and charming tradition.


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