Giglio Island: the 2015 edition of San Lorenzo’s feast

  • Published: 25-06-2015
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Like every year, on August 10th, 2015, San Lorenzo’s feast will held, the patron of Giglio Porto. The event involves every person in the isle and it will let you discover traditions and folklore of Giglio Island.


The most important moments of the feast

Even if the entire feast will last for some days, the important day is the August 10th. And the most important moments of this day are:

  • Palio Marinaro
  • The procession in honor of the Saint
  • The parade of the crews of the three districts in Giglio Porto (Chiesa, Moletto e Saraceno)
  • The procession on the sea in honor of Madonna Stella Maris
  • The musical show in the place
  • The fireworks show


The Palio Marinaro

It’s one of the most awaited traditions on Giglio Island. The three districts  of Giglio Porto will compete during the Palio Marinaro in occasion of the San Lorenzo’s feast to become the most able crew. An exciting competition on the wonderful sea of Giglio Island with heavy fishing boats. After the Palio Marinaro, that will take place in the afternoon, there will be traditional songs, dances and fireworks.


More information

If you need more information about the 2015 edition of San Lorenzo’s feast on Giglio Island, you can visit  the official site of the Municipality of Giglio Island,


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