Scooter rental: your solution to move on the Giglio island

Giglio Island rent a scooter

There are several ways to get around on Giglio island. However, you have already chosen one, which could be considered as the most practical and, in many respects, fascinating, because it will allow you to admire, while moving, the incomparable views. We are talking about the scooter and you want to know where you can rent it.



There is nothing simpler. In fact, you just need to get to Giglio Porto, that is the place where ferries to Giglio island dock. Here, at a short distance from the port, to be precise near Provinciale Porto road, you will find an operator who will give you the opportunity to rent a scooter. Practical and fast: basically, as soon as you arrive on the island, you may already be riding your scooter.

The scooters are conductible both with driving license A and with driving license B. They can be hired both for some hours and for the whole day. Always remember to have a valid identity card with you, without which it is not possible to proceed with the rental.


… the holiday can start. Because, after you have rented your scooter, you can move freely around the island and:

  • Reach the most beautiful beaches, such as Cala dell’Arenella, the Cannelle beach and cala delle Caldane;
  • After having seen the beaches, go to the discovery of the coves, even those less known, and the scooter is definitely the best way to reach them;
  • Finally, allow yourself a stroll through the ancient and charming streets of a medieval village that, over the years, has kept intact all its characteristic charm: we are talking about Giglio Castello, the town that lies in the heart of the island.


Bring your own vehicle

One last piece of information that will surely be useful to you. From mid-spring to mid-autumn about, there may be specific prohibitions to embark a vehicle right on the ferry on Giglio island. For more information, please refer to the official website of the municipality of Giglio island,

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