Giglio Island in 10 recipes #9: Gigliese tomato salad

Restaurants in Giglio Island never run out of it. And it’s an idea for sort-of-classic side dish. The ninth stage of this journey in Giglio island in 10 recipes is the Gigliese tomato salad.


Ingredients (for four persons):

  • 1 kilo of tomato
  • 2 stems of celery with leaves
  • 2 green onions
  • Salt to taste
  • Olive oil

Both tomatoes and the stems of celery should be taken in Giglio Island. And the oil, obviously, Tuscan. If you can’t procure them, you can prepare this recipe with the ingredients you already have. Waiting for your next holiday in Giglio Island to taste the original one.



  • Clean all the vegetables in a tureen
  • Cut the tomato in not so big pieces
  • Add the celery and the green onions, cut very thin
  • Add the salt and the oil


During the preparation of the Gigliese tomato salad, as you can see, there’s nothing too much particular. Wrong: its unique flavor is given by a little secret (in addition to the ingredients): prepare it a hour before it will be served. It will be more tasty.


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