Giglio Island: the best 20 photos

You have chosen Giglio Island as destination of your next holiday. But before you go, you want to get an idea of the place that you are going to visit. In other words, before you book your ferry trip, you want to see photos of Giglio Island.

You can find here the photos you are looking for: it’s a sort of virtual trip that will show you Giglio Island and its most beautiful places.

  • Isola del Giglio from above (1)
  • Giglio Island localities: Giglio Porto (2), Giglio Castello (3), Giglio Campese (4)
  • The most beautiful coves: Cala dell’Allume (5), Cala Pozzarelli (6)
  • The most beautiful beaches: Cala delle Caldane (7), Cala delle Cannelle (8), Cala dell’Arenella (9)
  • Sea stack (10)
  • The old lighthouse (11)
  • Capel Rosso (12)
  • Giannutri (13)
  • Campese Tower (14)
  • Pignocchi (15)
  • Cacciucco, one of Giglio Island typical dishes (16)
  • Panoramas (17-20)


“Aerial view of Isola del Giglio, 2006-06-04” di Sky Eckstrom – originally posted to Flickr as Some Island. Con licenza CC BY-SA 2.0 tramite Wikimedia Commons

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