Giglio Island in November: 3 things to do for a few days of relaxation

Giglio Island in November

A few days of relaxation. Far from everything, from the noise, the stress, the daily routine. Where you can get your time back. Where to slow down for a while and stop, even for only a few days, running. And where to enjoy the slow rhythms of tranquility and nature. Although it is November.

You could get a couple of days. You just need the destination that’s right for you. A destination that exists and presents, just in November, all the features you are looking for: it’s Giglio Island. And these are the three things to do during this time of the year.


1. Walk around

In November, during the day, the temperatures on Giglio Island remain pleasant, especially under the warm hug of the sun. Nature offers its colors and the sea, with its delicate scents and its views, seems to be always at your fingertips.

31 trails cross Giglio Island. Some of them are fairly simple, little more than walking. Others, on the other hand, are much more challenging but suggestive. With a constant: you will be accompanied only by the sounds and scents of nature and the sea.


2. Taste the typical dishes

Giglio island can boast a great culinary tradition. And at the table you remain young and feel good. Especially tasting the typical dishes of Giglio Island, such as fish soup, stuffed fish (totano) and panficato. You will not have trouble finding the restaurants where to order such specialties.


3. Or, simply…

… to lose the knowledge of the time walking through the narrow streets and squares of the three villages of Giglio island: starting from Giglio Porto, continuing with Giglio Castello and arriving at Giglio Campese. If you wish, you can travel by car, but we advise you to use the public transport service.

How to dive in this little paradise made of nature and tranquility? Nothing is easier: just book a ferry trip to Giglio island.


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