Giglio Island is not only sea: 5 things to do and to discover

The most beautiful beaches and pristine coves are, in a sense, its “visiting card”. But Giglio Island is not only sea. As these 5 things to do and to discover demonstrate.


1. The paths

If hiking is your thing, put your boots in your suitcase. The paths across Giglio Island are 31. Some are quite demanding but many are suitable for easy walks. Between the scent of sea and the colors of the Mediterranean scrub.


2. Typical dishes

To really discover a tourist destination, you first have to taste the typical dishes. That on Giglio Island are coniglio alla cacciatora, cacciucco, pesce in scaveccio, panficato. The best restaurants are in Giglio Castello, an ancient medieval town located in the heart of the island.


3. Less-known places

The remains of an ancient Roman murenario (a tank used as a moray farm), piazza della Rocca (an ancient square) and the church of San Pietro: these are 3 little-known places that will make your vacation even more special.


4. Tour of lighthouses

As in the case of the paths, there are different thematic itineraries to discover the island of Giglio.  The tour of the lighthouses is one of the most evocative and particular. It’s a 4-legs path that will make you see Giglio Island from north to south.


5. Sports

That Giglio Island is not only sea is demonstrated even by the several sports that you can practice here: trekking, bouldering, biking, sport fishing, windsurf.


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