Giglio Island: do you know what is the origin of the name?

It is there, just near the coast of Tuscany. And people know it for the beauty of its beaches, the paths, the culinary traditions, the quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Then, there’s that name, very particular, that comes to mind and it is hard to forget: Giglio Island.

  1. The first theory that immediately comes to mind is very romantic and charming: the island’s name derives from the sea lily, “giglio di mare” in Italian. You can see it in the picture, it is a species of lily that grows wild along the coast of the island and will be your loyal companion during the different paths. But, however charming, the origin of the name is not this.
  2. Then the origin of the name must be attributable to the Florentine domination. After all, everyone knows that Lily has always been, and still is, the symbol of Florence. Yes, it seems legit. But no, this is not the right explanation.
  3. You’ll find it curious but the origin of the name of Giglio Island comes from the presence of goats. The Greek name Aigylion (àighes means “goats”) became Igilium during Roman Empire and finally Gilium during Middle Ages.

And finally, the name became Giglio Island.


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