Giglio Island: a visit to the precious Mineralogical museum

A significant part of the history of Giglio Island is related to its subsoil. An underground exploited since ancient times for its mineral wealth. And this old story is narrated and preserved within the Mineralogical museum of Giglio Island.

The Mineralogical museum was founded by two enthusiasts: Professor Alessandro Fei, Florentine mineralogist, and Dr. Armando Schiaffino, an expert on local history. The collection was created with two purposes:

  • on one hand, enhance the geo-mineralogical component of Giglio Island
  • on the other, preserve the historical memory of the excavations and extraction of granite (which began in Roman times and continued until the end of the Twentieth century)

Among the most valuable pieces preserved in the Mineralogical museum, there are crystals of galena, crystals of black tourmaline, crystals of tetrahedrite. There are also photos of Giglio mineralogical villages now disappeared.

And you will have the opportunity to discover paths and trails that will show you the great mineral wealth of Giglio Island. They are several, different for length and difficulty. Some of these, such as Colonne e mura, are near the sea. Others, such as Filoni selvaggi, are on the hills of the island and offer unforgettable views.

The Mineralogical museum is located in the Pro Loco of the Giglio Island. For more information, you can visit the official website of the museum,


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