Holiday on Giglio island: the 3 villages to visit

Giglio Island villages

Three villages, three inevitable stages of a trip to Giglio island: small and picturesque villages, overlooking the sea or perched on the heights, with their quiet atmospheres, beautiful beaches at your fingertips and a story to tell.


What to see

  • Giglio Porto. Small, picturesque, with its characteristic multicolored houses that overlook the sea: this is Giglio Porto, the only port of the island. A resort with a dual soul, touristic and commercial. The most important places to see are the Torre del Saraceno, the Caletta del Saraceno, the ancient Roman villa.
  • Giglio Castello. Country that rises at 405 meters on the level of the sea, on a small height from which you can enjoy a splendid panorama. The town owes its name to the imposing Rocca aldobrandesca which is integrated with the ancient walls and with some towers that rise over the entire inhabited center.
  • Giglio Campese. An immaculate beach that opens into a bay, bordered by a series of stacks on one side and the Medicean Tower on the other: for these characteristics, Giglio Campese is fully the most important touristic resort on Giglio island, suitable for those seeking beaches and relaxation.



Cala dell’Arenella, Cannelle beach, Campese beach, cala delle Caldane, Cala degli Alberi: these are the most beautiful beaches on Giglio island. By staying in any of the three locations that we have presented to you, you can always, with your own vehicle or with the efficient public transport service (and, in some cases, even on foot), reach these authentic jewels set on the island’s coast.


How to get

All you have to do is book a place on one of the ferries to Giglio island. Ferries that leave from Porto Santo Stefano and all arrive at Giglio Porto. From here, or with your vehicle (which you can embark on the ferry) or buses (depending on the season, there may be limitations to bring a car or a motorbike on the island), you can easily reach the place where you have chosen to stay.


Giannutri: an idea for an excursion

It is a small island, and represents the most southern territory of Tuscany: Giannutri is an enchanting island where you can immerse yourself in an almost untouched nature. It is the least inhabited fraction of Giglio island, also known for the Roman villa and the remains of the Roman port, both near Cala Maestra.


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