Localities to visit on Giglio Island: villages, sea, traditions

Giglio Island localitiesFour localities. Four places to visit during a holiday on Giglio Island. They are small and picturesque villages that face the sea, with ancient traditions.


Giglio Porto

Small, picturesque, with its typical multicolored houses that face the sea: this is Giglio Porto, the only port of Giglio Island. This is a port for tourists and the commercial city. The main places to see are Torre del Saraceno, Caletta del Saraceno, the ancient Roman villa.


Giglio Castello

A village 405 meters a.s.l., built on a small hill that overlooks the sea. The name originates from the imposing Rocca aldobrandesca castle. Giglio Castello is surrounded by ancient walls and towers.


Giglio Campese

An immaculate beach, a bay with an ancient tower and sea stocks: this is Giglio Campese. And Giglio Campese is the most important touristic destination of the whole Giglio Island. Recommended if you are looking for relax and beautiful beaches.



The fourth locality of Giglio Island is a small island. Giannutri is almost uninhabited, and it’s well-known for the ancient Roman villa and the ruins of the Roman port, both near Cala Maestra.


These are the four localities on Giglio Island. Places to see during your holiday on this island.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/lucalaz

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