Giglio Island in late Summer: the best 2 months for your next holiday

Officially, the last day is September 22nd. For many, the end of Summer is late August. This doesn’t mean that it’s not time to spend a holiday. In particular if you’re planning to visit Giglio Island in late Summer.

In this case, the best months for a vacation are two: September and October.



There are several good reasons to visit Giglio Island in September: the beaches aren’t crowded, the weather is ideal for hiking, it’s the right time for a romantic holiday, the prices are much lower, relaxation is assured.

Even in late September. The temperatures on Giglio Island are so pleasant that you can bathe into the sea for the last time of the year. In addition to this, one of the most important event of the island takes place in September : it’s the Festa dell’uva e delle cantine aperti (literally, “festival of grapes and cellars”), during which you can taste the typical dishes of Giglio Island.



October can give you unique, romantic and suggestive atmospheres and views. The temperatures are really mild: don’t forget hiking boots, the paths are several. You will feel the sensation to have Giglio Island only for you.

Furthermore, there are the smells of Autumn: grapes, chestnuts, and mushrooms. And the colours of this season: green, red, orange, blue. Giglio Island isn’t only a tourist destination: it’s a real palette of shades and tastes.


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