Giglio Island: five good reasons for a holiday in June

Why a holiday in June on Giglio Island? Well, the reasons are several, and all of them are good. Here you have the five most important.

1. Because the beaches are not crowded – That would be enough to justify the choice of June as the month to go. The island of Giglio has paradise beaches, as you surely know. And you know that they are always very crowded during the high season. In June, the beaches of the island will be only for you.

2. Because, if you know the beaches, you can see the coves – And they are several. Small, sheltered, precious, it seems they are waiting only for you. Some of them are reachable via trails overlooking the sea. Other coves are reachable only via sea.

3. Because the climate is ideal for excursions – In June it is hot but not excessively. The ideal climate to make some of the best excursions of Giglio Island, on foot or by boat. As Capel Rosso, Giannutri, the lovers’ lighthouse of lovers, the stack.

4. Because the typical dishes are delicious – You won’t forget Giglio Island typical dishes so easily. Fish recipes have a place of honor, dishes such as cacciucco, panficato and palamita alla gigliese.

5. And, at least, because you visit it on footMoving on Giglio Island is very simple  thanks to the efficient bus system that connects the beaches and resorts. The pleasure to forget about the car for a few days?


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