Giglio Island hotels and houses: three localities for your holiday

There are those who decide to visit Giglio Island in one day. But there are those who decide to stay longer, for a weekend or for a whole week. In these cases, it’s necessary to know where to find hotels and houses on Giglio Island. There are the three localities of the island.


Giglio Castello

Among the three locations, Giglio Castello is located in the central part of the island, on top of a small hill from which you can see the entire island. This locality is recommended to those who want to sleep in a picturesque and charming place, with its narrow streets and the imposing Aldobrandesca fortress.


Giglio Campese

This is the location on the west coast of Giglio, the wildest and most pristine of the entire island. Here you will find all the services you may need. Giglio Campese is especially recommended for trekking and excursions.


Giglio Porto

As the name suggests, it’s here that ferryboats to Giglio Island dock. Lots of people prefer to sleep in Giglio Porto, so they don’t have to walk with suitcases in the hands (or in car, or on a motorcycle). Near this place there are some of the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island.


These are the three places where you can stay on Giglio Island. In each of them there are hotels, houses, B & B. Consider that the three towns are very close, then choose to stay at one of them will not prevent you to visit the other. And before you go, it will be useful to know:


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