Giglio Island hiking: 10 questions to ask before you go there

You have a great passion for hiking. And you know that the paths on Giglio Island are several and different. But, if the enthusiasm is important, so is the security. For this reason, before you take your hiking boots and go to Giglio Island, answer these 10 questions.

  1. What is your athletic condition? The paths of Giglio Island are to take seriously, and you should not overestimate your athletic condition.
  2. Have you got information on the trail? Especially if it is the first vacation to Giglio Island, you need to know several information on the trail you have chosen, such as length, duration and difficulty.
  3. Have you got information on the weather? Rain or strong wind (two possible examples) could spoil the trail. If the weather is inclement, avoid paths and trails, especially if there are stretches along the cliffs.
  4. Are you alone or with other hikers? It’s better if you hike with other persons, not only for the pleasure of being in the company but also because, in case of need, you can give each other a hand.
  5. Are your clothes suitable for hiking? Hiking boots or sneakers are indispensable. Take tall trousers or tracksuit, they will protect you from bushes and nettles. In summer, you need hat and, preferably, sunglasses.
  6. Have you a backpack? You need a not too large one. Put in a liter of water (at least), a sweatshirt, a rain jacket and a map of the island.
  7. Do you see someone in difficulty? If you see someone in difficulty, give him/her a hand. If you realize that you cannot help him/her, immediately call emergency numbers.
  8. Don’t you habitually follow the trail? Well, try to avoid it. At worst, you could lose your way.
  9. And the nature? Respect for nature and people is essential. Don’t uproot shrubs and plants, don’t light fires and avoid picking mushrooms.
  10. And the garbage? Don’t throw litters or other types of waste on the ground.

Finally, an advice, perhaps the most valuable: prudence must always be the first thing.


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