Giglio Island: two steps toward Fonte del Prete

It is located near one of the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island. A source of fresh water right there, a few meters from the sea. A good reason to take a pleasant walk in the eastern part of the island. We are talking about the so-called Fonte del Prete (source of the priest).

The priest, from whom the source and its water took the name, was the owner of the lands around. On an island like Giglio Island a source of fresh water near home was precious, even more valuable if the source was a few meters from the sea.

Today the Source of the priest is one of the various, little secrets the island offers to its visitors. And, as mentioned, it is also near one of the most famous and popular beaches of Giglio Island: it is Cala delle Cannelle, the second largest beach on the eastern side at a short distance from Giglio Porto.

Furthermore, in this area there are other bays, like cala dello Smeraldo, cala Torricella and cala dei fiori. Places like Smeraldo head, Torricella head and Tamburo head may represent other opportunities for pleasant excursions.

In other words, Fonte del Prete on Giglio Island is a great way to explore a little-known and less popular part of the island, and, for this reason, even more special.


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