Giglio Island: a short walk in the colors and fragrances of its flora

You already know the best excursions of Giglio Island. Moreover, 31 trails are on the island. In other words there are many reasons to have a wonderful holiday in the open air and dedicated to the sport. And between a curve and a view overlooking the sea, you can enjoy the rich and colorful Giglio Island’s flora.

  • Giglio island’s vegetation is characterized by the presence of Mediterranean vegetation: heather and strawberry trees, honeysuckle, madder, cyclamens. These plants grow mainly along the west coast, south of Giglio Campese, on the east side of Poggio del Castello, and in the Vallata del Molino.
  • In the Fifties, on the slopes of Poggio della Piana pines and sea pines were planted.
  • Helichrysum and cistus have slowly colonized most of the terraces with stone walls vineyards. Some of these terraces are planted even today.
  • Among the flowers that color the paths there are cyclamen, cineraria, wild chrysanthemum, broom cake, daffodil, wild wallflowers.

And finally, among Giglio Island’s flora a particular mention is for the sea lily (Pancratium maritimum): you can see it in the picture, it is a sort of lily that grows wild along the coast. It will be your constant companion during a good part of hiking and walking trails.


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