Giglio Island’s fauna: do you prefer hiking or diving?

We have already spoken about Giglio Island’s flora. But there is also an equally rich fauna.

  • Mammals. Giglio Island’s terrestrial fauna is not very varied. The wild rabbit and Crocidura are the most representative animals. Recently mouflon was imported, but it isn’t common. In addition there are several species of bats, as molosso of Cestoni, the Miniottero Schreiber, the dwarf bat.
  • Birdlife. Unlike mammals, birds on Giglio island are very rich and varied. Among the nesting and wintering birds that inhabit the island, the most important are buzzard, kestrel, peregrine falcon, gull and herring gull, dove, owl, raven, shag, Black Redstart, Rock Thrush.
  • Marine Fauna. Giglio Island is also known for the richness of its underwater life. The marine fauna is typical of the Tyrrhenian: grouper, snapper, conger, moray eel, swordfish, wrasse and bream are marine species that are easier to spot.

Now that you have an idea of ​​what Giglio Island’s fauna is:

  • mammals and birds will accompany you while hiking along the trails of Giglio island
  • marine fauna will make the numerous dive sites on Giglio Island even more special


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