Giglio island: events scheduled for summer 2018

  • Published: 13-06-2018
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Giglio Island events summer 2018

You will spend summer 2018 on Giglio island. Among a day on the shore of a wonderful sea, an excursion in nature and the taste of typical dishes, you would also like to know the events that animate the beautiful season in this destination. Here what they are.


The three saints

Giglio island could also be renamed the island of the three saints, one for each of the three localities. Each of them is dedicated to a different and evocative traditional celebration. And all are held in the summer.

  • San Lorenzo. The patron of Giglio Porto is the patron saint of the entire island and is celebrated on 10th August. The entire event lasts several days but the most anticipated and characteristic moment is always the maritime palio, which sees the challenge of the three districts of Giglio Porto, ie Church, Moletto and Saraceno.
  • San Rocco. The patron of Giglio Campese is celebrated on August 16th. The great religious procession that ends at the seaside is not to be missed. And in the evening, on the beach of Campese, one of the most beautiful beaches of Giglio island, there is the spectacle of fireworks.
  • San Mamiliano. The patron of Giglio Castello is celebrated on September 15th. The party lasts four consecutive days and has so much to offer: the prize of the donkeys, the quadrille, the fireworks shows.


Always summer

In this case, it is a series of events organized by the San Rocco association, which will take place in Giglio Campese from May to October. In the summer months, games and tastings of typical dishes are scheduled. For more information, please refer to the association’s website,


Festival of grapes and open cellars

The best way to say goodbye to the summer. Usually, the last week of September the Festival of grapes and open cellars is held, three days during which visitors can taste the best wines of Giglio Island island, made available by the cellars of Giglio Castello.


How to get

To get there and enjoy your next vacation in the summer, there is only one thing left to do: book in time a place on one of the ferries to Giglio island that leave from Porto Santo Stefano.


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