Giglio Island: what to do in the evening during the holiday

Daytime, there are the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island (we suggest you to see them all). And once you have come back from the beach and had a shower? On Giglio Island, there are several things to do in the evening and at night. It all depends on the location where you are going to stay.


Giglio Porto

Every day, the ferries to Giglio Island dock here. Giglio Porto is the destination if you want to spend a nice evening with your friends, chatting and drinking a cocktail or a beer. There are several bars along the promenade. And there are several and colorful shops near the port, shops open until night.


Giglio Campese

In the locality of Giglio Campese, the best way to spend evening and night is on its beach, and near the beach there are several bars by the sea. We want to give you an advice: it’s the Approdo bar, a real institution on Giglio Island. For the young, Campese has become the locality where the night begins. There is always music.


Giglio Castello

If we’re talking about what to do on Giglio Island in the evening and at night, Castello locality is an unmissable leg. In fact, every vacationer comes here to have fun. There are several restaurants where you can taste the typical dishes of Giglio Island. There is always music in pubs and bars. And you can dance until dawn at Il Maneggio disco.


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