Easter 2015 in Giglio Island: a three-days holiday

  • Published: 24-02-2015
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Three days available and fancying a trip. Perhaps in a cozy, good looking and quiet place. Thus for your Easter 2015 trip you were thinking about Giglio Island. You can follow this three-day itinerary.



Landed in Giglio Porto and set down your suitcases, is now the time to visit this town of the island, to which you can dedicate the morning of the first day. At lunch you can stop in one of the many restaurants where you can taste the typical dishes of Giglio Island.

Once refreshed and rested, in the afternoon it is time to leave for Giglio Campese, the second of the three village of the island. The best places to visit here are the Campese tower, Faraglioni, the boardwalk, the church of San Rocco al Campese. Even here for dinner you will have a wide choice, there are many restaurants and inns.



If the weather is mild, early April may be the time to begin to enjoy some sea. The most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island are Cala dell’Arenella, Cannelle beach, Campese beach, Caldane beach, Cala degli Alberi. Sunday morning you’ll have time to enjoy a pair of this destinations.

In the afternoon, after lunch, it’s time to leave for Giglio Castello, the third village of the island. The place name comes from the ancient Rocca aldobrandesca overlooking the town. Giglio Castello is very nice to see in the evening, when the atmosphere is unique, ancient.



Easter Monday it’s time to discover one of the wildest and most pristine islands the archipelago of Tuscany: Giannutri. Every day there are various tours that leave from Giglio Porto. A tip: reserve in advance.


Move and stay overnight

There are two ways to move around the island of Giglio:

• You can take on board a car, a motorcycle or any other private vehicle of one of the ferries reaching the island;

• You can use the efficient bus system that connects the various hamlets.

As for the place to stay overnight, there is no great difference between the three locations: wherever you decide to stay, you can easily reach all points of the island. And enjoy your Easter holiday in Giglio Island.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/ghirolfo53

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