Giglio Island: here you have the diving at secca della Croce

You are spending your summer holiday on Giglio Island. And you surely know that this destination is renowned also for its submarine beauty. Mask, fins and wetsuit are in the first things in the suitcase. Do you need some advice? Well, there is secca della Croce, and this is one the most beautiful dive sites of Giglio Island.


Where it is

From Giglio Porto, you have to go towards north. Passed punta Gabbianara and punta della Campana (two capes), you will see a rock rising from the sea with a deep cross-shaped cut: that’s why it’s called secca della Croce (literally, “shoal of the cross”).


The diving begins

The side of the rock facing the open sea sinks fairly steeply, down to about fifty meters depth. Instead, the side facing the mainland is much more flat and the seabed is characterized by the presence of large boulders.

In secca della Croce it’s possible to see breams, snappers and amberjacks. Beware of the strong currents in the area. Especially during summer, you will find other divers.


Some recommendations

  • Prudence first, always
  • When it’s possible, dive with a friend
  • The equipment must be in good conditions
  • If you are beginners, ask a more experienced friend or a scuba instructor for advice


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