Three churches to see during your holidays on Giglio Island

They, mainly, are places of worship. But they are also places full of history, art, culture. For centuries, they were (and they are) the center of the life on Giglio island. Seeing these three churches, between the most important of the island, will be a small journey back in time.

  1. San Pietro Apostolo church (Giglio Castello). Its style is seven-nineteenth-century, even if the presence is attested since XV century. The most famous artwork conserved is the ivory crucifix attributed to Giambologna. In San Pietro Apostolo church there’s also the “treasure” that comes from the private chapel of Pope Innocent XIII.
  2. San Giorgio church (Giglio Castello). In this case, it’s not a real church but a small temple. Starting from Giglio Castello, take the ancient mule track that was used by farmers to go to the vineyards and orchards. In the surroundings there’s the spring of the same name.
  3. Santi Lorenzo e Mamiliano church (Giglio Porto). The building of the church was started at the beginning of twentieth century and it’s dedicated to the patron saints of the island. The inside has a single nave and, beside the greater one, there are other altars dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the “Stella Maris” Virgin and Sant’Antonio from Padua.

Three stages not only to discover churches but also to follow a very particular itinerary to visit Giglio Island.


Image source: “GiglioCastelloPanorama1” di LigaDue – Opera propria. Con licenza CC BY 3.0 tramite Wikimedia Commons –

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