Moving around on Giglio Island: by car or by foot?

You are in the air. On one side, you would like to leave the car at home after a year that you take it every day to go to work. On the other side, maybe have a car with you is a good idea, especially during a holiday with children on Giglio Island. In other words, the question is this: by car or by foot?


Moving around by foot

Solution recommended especially for hikers or, in general, for those who like walking. You can spend a vacation to Giglio Island without a car and you won’t miss any of the several attractions of this destination.

In fact, you can move around on Giglio Island using the bus service, especially during summer: buses connect the different areas of the island and you will see the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island. And don’t forget which are the most beautiful excursions on Giglio Island.


Moving around by car

You can move by car, carried on a ferry to Giglio Island. The island is small and the main roads are in good condition. It is recommended to have a car if you plan to spend a vacation to Giglio Island with the kids: you may need to take several things with you, especially on the beaches.


The third solution

There is another solution to move around on Giglio Island: it’s motorcycle. The island has several roads with curves, straights and hairpins above the sea.


So, by car or by foot? In both cases Giglio Island is ready to welcome you.


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