Giglio Island: a dip in cala Lazaretto

Why, every year, dozens of people see at least one of the many bays of Giglio Island? Tranquility, unpolluted sea, the feeling of turning away (even for few hours) by modernity. This is all you will find in Cala del Lazzaretto.

The cove – It is a tiny little beach of fine and clear sand, surrounded by small rocks. The sea, as it’s easy to figure, is clean and crystal clear. There isn’t any type of service (but the town of Giglio Porto is very close).

The tower – the name Lazzaretto (leper hospital) comes from the tower located a short distance from the town of Giglio Porto. In the eighteenth century near the tower there was an hospital for the quarantine of travelers coming from areas at epidemic risk.

Spring – This is perhaps the best season to visit Cala del Lazaretto. The tower rises above the sea. In the spring, during the flowering of hottentot figs, the cliff and the tower become a cascade of light red, contrasting with the blue sky and sea of the bay.

How to get to thereCala del Lazzaretto, as already mentioned, is located near the namesake tower, north of Giglio Porto. The advice is to get there by sea, renting a boat or with a boat tour that includes a stop in this cove.


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