A holiday on Giglio Island: four ideas for a boat excursion

A holiday on Giglio island cannot end without going on one of the various available excursions. Sea excursions, in particular, are an experience to live. You know it, and you’re going to enjoy a pleasant boat excursion on Giglio island.


The places

There are two places on Giglio island from which every day, especially in summer, many boat excursions leave: they are Giglio Porto, on the eastern side, and Giglio Campese, on the western side. All you have to do is to go to the boardwalk or to the beaches of these two locations, where you’ll find info points and boatmen.


Some ideas for your boat excursion on Giglio island?

·         Beaches and bays. A “theme” boat trip could take you to the most beautiful beaches of Giglio island. But there are also a lot of precious, sheltered and small bays, reachable only by sea where you can immerse yourself in a pristine sea.

·         Giannutri. A small island that rises at about 15 kilometers from Giglio island, opposite the Argentario peninsula. Even Giannutri coast is almost completely indented and there are numerous bays (with only two exceptions: Cala dello Spalmatoio and Cala Maestra).

·         Heads and promontories. The indented coastline is not only represented by bays but also by heads and promontories that plunge into the sea. As the head of Capel Rosso, in the southern part of the island, or the head of Fenaio, in the northern part, where there are also their lighthouses.

·         Diving. Pignocchi shoal, Secche head, Cross shoal and the above mentioned Capel Rosso head are some of the suggested points for all divers. It would be recommended to reach them by your own boat but you can see them even during a boat excursion.

You can choose among four ideas. But there is also another possibility: the boat trips that make the full tour of Giglio island also leave from Giglio Porto and Giglio Campese, stopping at most famous beaches and bays.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/gioanola

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