The 8 most beautiful (and unmissable) places in Giglio Island

Coves, beaches, promontories, wild and pristine islands. And then great castles, ancient towers, stacks and lighthouses that rise right above the sea. These are the 8 most beautiful places in Giglio Island.

  1. Giglio Castello. Relax, culture, natural beauty, breathtaking views of the sea: this is the town of Giglio Castello. A place where the time has stopped. The name comes from the imposing Aldobrandeschi’s fortress.
  2. Giannutri. A small island about 15 kilometers away from Giglio Island. A wild and uncontaminated place, away from modernity, in total relaxation.
  3. Faro degli innamorati. Became famous thanks to the novel Sorry If I Call You Love by Federico Moccia. The ancient lighthouse of Vaccarecce, today abandoned, is located atop a hill in the northern part of the island. The sea view is unforgettable.
  4. Punta Capel Rosso. One of the least known and frequented places in Giglio Island. It is a promontory reachable from the village of Giglio Castello. If you want to have the feeling of being in a place that seems made just for you, here’s where you have to come.
  5. The stack. Campese beach is nearby. The stack of Giglio is a long rocky outcrop rising from the sea, at the end of a small promontory. There is a path that starts from Giglio Campese and reaches the headland.
  6. Cannelle Beach. One of the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island. Not far from Giglio Porto, on the east coast; this is a beach of fine white sand with small granite rocks.
  7. Cala dell’Allume. One of the most beautiful coves of Giglio Island. You can walk there from Giglio Campese, the sea is shallow for many meters and the way to reach it is one of the excursions you must do in Giglio Island.
  8. The towers. There’re five of them, some survived to the present day, the other are now only few ruins. An original and suggestive tour idea to travel discovering Giglio Island.

These are the 8 most beautiful places of the island of Giglio. You just have to book the ferry trip and see them all.



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