Giglio Island beaches tour part 4: the northwestern coast

It’s the fourth and last stage of the tour to discover the beaches on Giglio Island. After Cala dell’Allume, it’s time to discover the northwestern coast of the island.

And the northwest coast is also the wildest of the entire island. For this reason, the fourth part of the tour has only two stages:

  1. Spiaggia di Campese. It’s the beach of the homonymous town on the west coast. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island. And it’s the largest of the island, in a bay protected from the winds. The Spiaggia di Campese is sandy and there are several services available: a perfect idea for both relaxation and spending a holiday with family. The Spiaggia di Campese is always very crowded in Summer.
  2. Cala di Sparavieri. If the Spiaggia di Campese beach is crowded, cala di Sparavieri is just the opposite: one of the lesser-known coves on the island; north of Campese town, the advice is to get there by boat.

And, if you’re divers, the northwestern coast of the island still reserves some surprises: here, in fact, there are some of the best dive sites of Giglio, such as punta delle Secche.


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