Giglio Island beaches tour part 3: along the southwest coast

If you are real hikers, you could get back to punta di Capel Rosso. Where the third part of the Giglio Island beaches tour begins: for the third stage, the protagonist will be the southwest coast.

  1. Cala Schizzatoio. On the western side of punta di Capel Rosso there’s a rock that is, literally, perforated. When the waves break against this rock, they make a peculiar noise, from which the name cala Schizzatoio: a small and wonderful bay surrounded by steep cliffs
  2. Cala di Pietrabona. One of the lesser-known coves on Giglio Island. Very small, years ago the boats docked here and were loaded with Ansonico grapes. From the cove, looking up, you can still see some of the terraces where Ansonico grapevine was cultivated.
  3. Cala del Corvo. This small bay is well known by divers. In fact, Scoglio del Corvo (literally, “rock of the crow”), one of the best dive sites of the island, is near.
  4. Cala dell’Allume. A small piece of paradise. The cove is in a bay surrounded by cliffs covered with Mediterranean scrub. The sea colour changes from blue to emerald. The water is shallow for several meters. You can reach the cove walking along a path from Giglio Campese: the hike is not particularly difficult.

You have walked a lot. Once in Giglio Campese, you will surely be hungry. Choose one of the several restaurants of this town: it’s time to taste the typical dishes of Giglio Island.


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