Giglio Island beaches tour part 2: the southeast coast

From Giglio Porto, on the east coast of the island, the Giglio Island beaches tour continues: it’s time to see the beaches of the southeast coast.

  1. Cala Smeraldo. It is near the homonymous cape a short distance from Giglio Porto. The origin of the name (literally, “emerald cave”) is the wonderful colour of its sea. Unforgettable.
  2. Cala delle Cannelle. One of the five most beautiful beaches on Giglio Island. Fine white sand and granitic rocks, it is among the largest beaches of the island. It’s easy to reach and several services are available.
  3. Cala delle Caldane. South of Cala Cannelle. Cala Caldane is a small sandy beach. The rocky promontory, covered with Mediterranean scrub, completes the scenario.
  4. Cala Torricella. Once, there was an ancient tower overlooking this small bay. In fact, Torricella means, literally, “small tower”.
  5. Cala dei Fiori. Among the coves on Giglio Island, it’s one of the less known. Between punta Torricella and punta del Tamburo, you will discover a special place, where you can enjoy only the sound of the sea and the scents of the nature.
  6. Cala Tamburato. Near secca Zampa di gatto (shallows, one of the most famous dive sites of the island) there’s cala Tamburato. The origin of its name (literally, “small drum”) is the presence of drum-shaped rocks.
  7. Cala Saracinesca. The second Giglio island beaches tour ends on the east side of punta di Capel Rosso, the southernmost point of the island. The name comes from a rock whose shape resembles a shutter.

From punta di Capel Rosso, a paved road leads up to Giglio Campese: the walk takes about two hours, a good idea of you’re a real trekker.


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