First part of the Giglio Island beaches tour: along the north-eastern coast

Do you prefer the most famous beaches or the less-known (but not less beautiful) coves? In both cases, we propose to you a very original itinerary to visit this destination: the tour of the beaches on Giglio Island. And the first part of this journey will be along the north-eastern coast

  1. Cala del Morto. The first place to see is near the northern cape of the island. Cala del Morto is not so far from the lighthouse of Punta del Fenaio. It’s a small, beautiful and little-known (with the exception of divers, in fact this is one of the most appreciated dive sites of the island) cove.
  2. Cala dell’Arenella. Welcome to one of the most beautiful beaches on Giglio Island. It’s a large and sandy beach, with several services available. While you’re lying on Arenella, you will enjoy the view of Argentario.
  3. Cala Cupa. Another dive site that will give you a little-known cove enriched by a clear sea. You can find it along the north-facing side of Punta del Lazzaretto, near the tower.
  4. Cala del Lazzaretto. On the south-facing side of Punta del Lazzaretto, the best time to see Cala del Lazzaretto is in Summer, when the fig flowers colour the cliff overlooking the sea. The origin of the name is a tower that was used as leper hospital (“lazzaretto” in Italian).
  5. Caletta del Saraceno. It is a beautiful cove, surrounded by rocks and small houses, a stone’s throw from the port of Giglio Porto: a couple of steps will allow you to reach the cove from the street. Roman coins, furnishings and lead pipes (that were used to bring water to a sumptuous Roman villa) were find here.

The first part of the tour to discover the beaches on Giglio Island ends in Giglio Porto. Now, rest and eat something: the second part is for tomorrow.


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