Giglio Island: photos of the most beautiful beaches and coves

You’d like to visit Giglio Island. But you don’t want to take risks: before you organize the vacation, you want to see some photos of the beaches of Giglio Island, just to see if it’s worth it.

It’s worth it. As you can see from the pictures that you find below, images of some of the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island and of the most renowned coves.

  1. Campese. On Giglio Island northwest coast, near the homonymous locality. It is the largest beach of the island, in a bay that protects the beach from winds.
  2. Arenella. It is located on northeast coast, near Giglio Porto locality. It is a large and sandy beach.
  3. Cannelle. It is located on southeast coast of Giglio Island, and this beach is easy to reach from Giglio Porto. Sandy, it’s one of the most large and crowded beach of the island.
  4. Caldane. Near Cannelle beach. Cala Caldane is a white sand beach. Near this beach there are several coves that you can discover.
  5. Cala dell’Allume. This beach is in a small gulf. The rocks of Cala dell’Allume are red and yellow, and the sea is blue.
  6. Cala Pozzarelli. It’s not so popular as the previous beaches but for this reason is a place to discover.

Have you seen photos of the beaches on Giglio Island? Now you just need to book the ferry trip.



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