The Island of Giglio in autumn: 3 places that are simply magical

Giglio Island autumn: 3 places

In autumn, the island of Giglio hold a special fascination: slow rhythms, tranquility, suggestive atmospheres. Are you planning a visit this season? Then, there are three simply magical places that will give that extra touch to your little vacation.


1. Capel Rosso point

It’s the southern point of the Giglio Island. From Giglio Campese, it takes about a couple of hours to get there on foot. You will enjoy breathtaking panorama of one of the most beautiful seascapes that the island can offer, especially when the sunset is near. Not far from the promontory there is even a beautiful lighthouse.


2. Giglio Castello

It rises in the heart of the island, on a hilltop right in the center of the Giglio. Even today, it kept intact all the ancient charm of a small medieval village. Exploring its narrow streets is a unique experience: sometimes, you will really experience the feeling of a trip back in time.


3. Lazzaretto Tower

Just a little north of Giglio Port, there is a coastal tower built by Cosimo I de ‘Medici in the second half of the sixteenth century. It takes its name from the fact that, during its history, it was also used as lazarette. From there, taking a pleasant stroll, you can also arrive to Lazzaretto bay.


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