How is Giglio Island in August? Six advices, or better, six necessities

How is Isola del Giglio in August? Saying just “beautiful” would be reductive, even if it’s true. Probably you’re thinking about spending a holiday there but, before booking the trip and the hotel, you’d like to know something more.

Here we have six advices for you. Or better, they are six responses likewise the possible necessities.


“Beaches are the most important thing” 

Is this the quip of every holiday you do? For you, there is no holiday if you can’t comfortably lie on beach? If so, Giglio Island is right for you: the most beautiful beaches are Arenella, Campese, Cannelle and Caldane. You can easily reach them and they are all equipped with many services. But they are very crowded in August.


“I don’t want to be in crowded places”

As said before, Giglio Island in August is the destination for thousands of tourists who are attracted by its beauty and its comfortable beaches. But it’s possible to do something for you who just search for some peace. Have you ever heard about Giglio Island coves? They are a lot and they are all along the coast of the isle. Just one little problem: you can reach most of them by unpaved roads, so don’t forget trekking shoes.


“And for my children?”

Giglio Island is an isle made for children. It’s very calm and kids can play without the need of your attention. Beaches are made of sand and you can easily reach them, the water is shallow and there are a lot of services. In all the three localities of the isle you’ll find everything your kids need.


“I can’t stay without sport”

The first thing you put in your suitcase is the equipment to practice you favorite sport. If you like immersions, excursions, snorkeling or just simple walks, the only thing you have to do is to choose one and go. Also in this case, you won’t be alone. The best periods to have an immersion or a walk are in the early morning or in the late afternoon.


“Every place has its specialties. And I want to taste them”

You know that you can’t call it “holiday” if you don’t taste the culinary specialties of the place you’re visiting. Typical dishes of Giglio Island are served in every restaurant in all of the three localities of the isle. But it’s better if you reserve a table some days before.


“I prefer to leave the car at home”

You can also do this on Giglio Island in August. If you want to move without a car on the isle, you can use autobuses that, especially in summer, connect the beaches to the urban areas. You can leave the car and the stress at home.


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