Game fishing on Giglio Island, Italy: what you need to know

It is one of your great passions. After all, what really matters to you is only challenge. And that’s also why you don’t want to give up your favorite sport even during your holiday on Giglio Island, an ideal location to go game fishing.

On Giglio island you can enjoy various types of fishing:

  • Surface fishing: it is recommended to practice it along the coves and stretches of the coastline, close to the main populated centers.
  • Fishing from a boat: particularly appreciated by all the fishermen. It is fishing with the fishing line.
  • Fishing adrift: snapper, bonito and yellowtail are the most numerous inhabitants of Giglio Island’s sea.
  • Underwater fishing: for all the fans (also) of diving, the depths of Giglio Island are rich in life and colors.

And this is allowed on all the coasts and waters of the island.

Anyway, you need to have the appropriate licence to exercise fishing. Also do not forget that some areas of Giglio Island are protected by the Arcipelago Toscano National Park: in these areas bathing, fishing and motor boats are not allowed.

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