Fountain of Acqua Selvaggia: an idea for a pleasant excursion

The history of Giglio Island is related to water, and not only for the sea. This is an island, where drinking water, in the past years, was not taken for granted as it might be today. For this reason, there are not many places that have a special value for all islanders. One of these places is the so- called fontana dell’Acqua Selvaggia (literally, “fountain of the wild water”).

Desalination plants and tanker ships provide the island with the water that is needed for many different uses. This water is not drinkable, it is good to remember. There is an alternative to bottled water: it is the fountain of Giglio Castello, which takes water from Acqua Selvaggia spring.

It’s easy to reach Acqua Selvaggia fountain. It’s near the central square of the town of Giglio Castello. Right there, you will find signs for the car park, where are also located the old wash houses. Here you can find the fountain.

Which are the reasons to reach the Acqua Selvaggia fountain of Giglio Castello? They are two. First, it is a way to immerse yourself in the traditions and customs of the past of Giglio Island, a past that is gone now. And then, it could be an opportunity to enjoy a pleasant excursion preferably from Giglio Porto.


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