Ferries to Giglio Island: hot to get information about ticket prices for residents

ferries to Giglio Island: ticket prices for residents

All residents of Giglio Island, due to obvious reasons, must frequently take the ferries to Porto Santo Stefano and vice versa. However, the ticket prices for residents are cheaper than the ticket prices for tourists. Below, you can discover how to get all the essential information about this topic.


The companies

Every year, the shipping companies that guarantee the connection between Porto Santo Stefano and Giglio Island offer special ticket prices for the residents of the island. The rate reduction of the ticket price may also vary year by year.

The main shipping companies for the ferries to Giglio Island are:

  • Toremar;
  • Maregiglio.

Before booking the trip, we recommend you to ask more information to these two companies, so you’ll discover how much the reduction rate is to book the ferry trip.


Ferry landing fee

In addition to the information about the rate reduction for residents, we must also consider another aspect. Since some years, tourists who want to arrive on Giglio Island by ferry must pay a landing fee. The amount of this fee is established every year by the municipality of Isola del Giglio and is alternative to the tourist tax. The tax is applied directly to the ticket price.

There are, however, specific categories that are exempt from paying the ferry landing fee. These categories include all those who can prove to be regularly resident on Giglio Island. For further information, please visit the official website of Giglio Island municipality, Comune.isoladelgiglio.gr.it.


Therefore, from the municipality of Giglio Island and from the shipping companies, you can get all the information you need about the ticket prices for the ferries to Giglio Island. And you can use our online booking system to purchase tickets.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/33785645@N00

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