Bring your luggage on the ferries to the Giglio Island: conditions and companies

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Toremar and Maregiglio are two of the main companies that guarantee ferries to the Giglio Island. And these are the most important conditions and information to know to carry your luggage on board.



  • Toremar. On Toremar ferries, free of charge, each passenger has the right to carry a baggage weighing a maximum of twenty pounds. This weight must be considered gross. Only items that can be carried in suitcases or travel bags (no bulky items or equipment, therefore) are allowed in the baggage. In the event that there are objects of this second type, an additional fee may be required.
  • Maregiglio. The Maregiglio gives the possibility to all its passengers to bring on board a baggage that has maximum dimensions 60x40x20 cm and a weight not exceeding ten kilos. Only the personal effects of the passenger must be included in the baggage. For anything that should exceed both the size and weight above, an additional fee may apply. For the duration of the crossing, the passenger is solely responsible for their baggage.


How to move…

Once you arrive, your holiday on the Giglio Island can officially begin. Are you wondering how to move? In principle, you have two great solutions:

  • The first is to board a car, a motorbike or a camper on the ferry, so you can move around the island in complete freedom;
  • The second is to use the efficient bus service that connects the three population centers of the island (Giglio Porto, Giglio Castello and Giglio Campese) and the beaches of the island.


…and what to do/see

A holiday on the Giglio Island will never be complete if you don’t do these three things:


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