Saint Lawrence 2016: the night of the shooting stars on Giglio Island

  • Published: 29-07-2016
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August 10th is the day of the shooting stars. It’s also the day of the patron saint of Giglio Porto. And the feast of Saint Lawrence 2016 is one of the must-see events if you’re spending the summer holidays on Giglio Island.


The feast

Usually, the feast of Saint Lawrence lasts three of four days. The official program is not yet available. But one thing is certain: the most important day of these event is, obviously, August 10th.

The main moments of this day will be:

  • The procession of Saint Lawrence;
  • The parade of the crews of the three districts of Giglio Porto (Chiesa, Moletto and Saraceno);
  • The palio marinaro (literally, “maritime palio”)
  • The procession of Madonna Stella Maris;
  • Music in the main square of Giglio Porto;
  • Fireworks at midnight.

The feast of Saint Lawrence 2016 will be much more: activities for children, tastings of the the typical products and recipes, exhibitions, and several side events.


Enjoy this Summer

If you will be there on the occasion of the feast of Saint Lawrence, this means that you have chosen Giglio Island to spend August 2016. In this case:


Further information

For further information about the feast of Saint Lawrence 2016 on Giglio Island, you can visit Giglio Island municipality official website,


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