Holiday on Giglio Island, seven excursions not to be missed

Excursions in Giglio IslandThe beaches are the main attractions of this destination. But certainly not the only ones. Giglio Island reserves unique scenery and unspoiled nature. Scenarios that you can admire during one of the seven most beautiful excursions of Giglio Island.

Giannutri – An island virtually intact. Every day there are different boat tours departing from Giglio Porto. So you can take the tour around the island, or stop at Giannutri, its beaches, and along its paths, always accompanied by a guide.

Palmenti – Are one of the little secrets of Giglio Island. These ancient stone buildings, built between 1500 and 1700, and used by farmers for pressing grapes. You can see many of them along the road from Giglio Castello to Giglio Campese.

The lighthouse – also known by the name of “the love lighthouse” and made famous by the novel Sorry If I Call You Love by Federico Moccia. It is located in the northern part of the island. Today the lighthouse is decommissioned and it’s not allowed to visit it but you reach the location and admire the beautiful landscape.

Cala dell’Allume – The starting point of this excursion is Giglio Campese. Overcoming the Franco promontory you’ll get to a small and very sheltered bay, with its beach under the cliff surrounded.

The stack – Starting from Giglio Campese it’s possible to get close to the cliff that rises at one end of Campese beach. It’s an itinerary between low vegetation and above a picturesque sea. The hike does not take more than an hour to and fro.

Punta di Capel Rosso – The starting point is the town of Giglio Castello. From there a winding road allows visitors to admire breathtaking views of the coast of Giglio Island. In the distance you can glimpse Giannutri, Montecristo and in some cases Corsica.

Mountain track – Seventh advice for those who are looking for advices on excursion itineraries on Giglio Island. In fact the island is crossed by numerous mule track, formerly used by the inhabitants of Giglio to move from one side of the island to the otler.All trails are well marked.


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