Easter Monday on Giglio Island, Italy: 3 ideas to spend this day

Easter Monday in Italy: Giglio IslandIn Italy, it’s a real tradition: Easter Monday must be dedicated to a pleasant one-day short trip. And, this year, you are considering to spend this day on Giglio Island, nice to see even in spring. Well, we have three different ideas among which you can choose to plan your trip in the best way.


1. Giglio Porto and Giglio Castello

As already said, you have one day, from morning to night. Since the ferries dock in Giglio Porto, you can visit two of the villages of the island.

The first is Giglio Porto: in the first half of this day, you can see the three districts (Chiesa, Moletto and Saraceno), the Tower of Saraceno, the church of Santi Lorenzo e Mamiliano, the Caletta del Saraceno (a cove).

In the afternoon, it’s time to visit Giglio Castello: it is a medieval village overlooked by the imposing Rocca aldobrandesca (a fortress). Its streets and squares will give you unique atmospheres.


2. Trails

The second idea is for hikers and sport enthusiasts. Giglio Island, is fact, is crossed by 31 trails. Trails between the colours of the Mediterranean scrub and the scents of the sea. They are not particularly difficult and will allow you to admire Giglio Island from a very striking point of view.

In particular, there is a paved road that, from Giglio Campese, leads to Punta Capel Rosso, the southernmost promontory of the island. To get there, it takes about two hours. Once there, you will admire a simply breathtaking view.


3. History and archaeology

And now, the last idea to spend the Easter Monday on Giglio Island is for those who want to discover the culture of the place they’re visiting. In this case, we have a three-stages itinerary:

  • Villa del Saraceno: the remains of a Roman villa belonged to Enobarbi Domini family.
  • Torre del Lazzaretto: a quadrangular tower built by Medici family.
  • Villa di Giannutri: the remains of an ancient Roman mansion on this small island near Giglio.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/spazioculturale

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